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plastic injection molds FAQ

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plastic injection molds FAQ
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01、What kinds of molds you make?Plastic injection molds, die casting molds, or any other kinds?
Majority of our business are the plastic injection molds。

02、Can you team speak English?
For sure, our marketing manager and program manager speaks good English
03、What’s your precision accuracy?
  For molds, we can ensure ±0.005, for parts, we can ensure ±0.005
04、Do you have the plastic injection machines to trial molds?
Yes, please see more details from ourequipment list.
05、How many shifts you work per day?    

For CNC and EDM department, 2 shifts per day
For Mold Making department, 1 shift per day, 2 shifts per program actual situation
For injection molding department, 2 shifts per day
06、Do you have the factory or office?
Yes, our factory is located in Guangming district, our engineering office is in Song Gang, both in Shen Zhen city, 15 minutes drive way
07、What’s the lead time of your molds?

It depends on the mold dimensions, part structure, and design. Normally our average delivery time is around 35 days
08、Which company you have been cooperated with?
We have signed NDA with our customers, we would prefer not to mention our customers ‘ names, however we will keep sharing our successful cases under our customer’s permission.
09、Where your products apply to?

Include the medical equipments, car cooling system, new energy, aerospace, consumer and electronics
10、Where your customers occupy?
25% in China mainland, 60% from Europe and American, also small part from South Korea, Canada, Singapore, etc
11、 What kinds of hot runner brand you use?
We use hot runner like Mold-master, Hasco, Incoe, Husky, Snventive, Yudo according to our customer’s requirement
12、 What’s the mold life you can reach?
I 250,000-1,000,000 shots, for large quantity production molds
II 50,000-250,000 shots, for medium quantity production molds
III 1,000-10,000 shots, for prototypes or small quantity production
13、 What’s your mold manufacture capacity per month

We are able to make around 30 sets of plastic injection molds.
14、 What’s the payment term?
40% deposit with PO
40% upon T1
30% before delivery
15、 How you team pack the molds?
We differ the package for domestic and overseas, for overseas transportation, we purchase custom wooden case to pack and protect.
16、How can I get the quotation.
Please send the 2d and 3d to our email address 
Quotation can be sent within 1-2 working days
17、What format you are able to open?

We can open format like .sldprt, .prt, igs, .stp, x_t
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Adress: Room #102, Building #50, Shu Tianpu Xin xing Industry Zone B, Matian Street, Guang Ming District, Shen Zhen city, Guang Dong Province, China, 518101.

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HKY Mold Technology Co., Ltd

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