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Plastic Mold T0 Trial Mold Successfully Exported To United States

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Plastic Mold T0 Trial Mold Successfully Exported To United States
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In nowadays people's daily life, we need more and more information from the Internet, it makes everyone's busy life more colorful, time changes, now it is no longer the era of information barriers, we use the cell phone every day, surf the Internet, we can stay at home, we can shop online, for our Plastic Mold Manufacturing industry there is no exception; no need to attend exihibition every day, read magazines, travel around the world, as long as the Internet, Google can search for a variety of Plastic Mold Manufacturers , bid farewell to the past condition that looking for middleman, trading companies to help you complete the mold project; can save a lot of plastic mold development costs.

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Living in the 21st century and enjoy all the convenience that the Internet brings to us. Whether it is the plastic mold manufacturing industry or the retail industry, the application of the Internet has always created the myth of each industry, making people's shopping and purchasing become more and more effecient and convenient.

This year, a lot of plastic mold manufacturing inquiries from Western countries and have a deal on the Internet. ADCO is a new customer in the US,found HKY Mould from Google via browsing our website. To the manufacturing capacity of HKY Mold; Regarded as a suitable injection mold supplier for them, they sent the inquiry.

After receiving the enquiry, JZ, our marketing director, sent the 3D drawings and technical requirements to the engineering department for quotation timely. HKY Mold responded to the customer's quotation within 24 hours. After receiving the quotation, customer's engineers replied to HKY Mold that our price is quite advantageous. We will hand over the injection mold manufacturing order to us. However, the premise of the contract is to ensure that the injection mold can be completed in 35 days for airfreight to the United States;


Our reply was positive,please rest assured that this delivery is no problem, we were very confident to meet their cycle requirements, and to ensure that the mold can deliver in time; the next day our US dollar account received their mold Deposit. Responding to customers with such confidence, I think it is rare in the market. Being able to promise customers in this way is also based on the rich export experience of exporting molds,from marketing department to mold project, design engineer and injection molding engineer, they all have rich industry background. Hongkaiyun was established in 2005. In 2011, it served the US GE, Flextronics, and also their secondary supplier, cooperation projects, Precision Mold manufacturing , auto parts, medical equipment, energy industry, rapid mold .Injection Molding   Hong Kaiyun has formed a good mechanism in terms of design, project management, Mold Manufacturing and Communication.

The project was officially launched, and the marketing director of HKY Mold, project engineer, mold design engineer, injection molding engineer, held mold review meeting, and mold design project。James LI to produce DFM reports and mold flow analysis;
Waiting for the customer to confirm, the time difference between us and this customer is 12 hours. Our marketing director kept instant communication with the customer side. The customer has been very nervous about this tight lead time, the customer does not want to delay too much time, their engineer get up at 5 o'clock in the morning in the US, and start replying to our mail, our plan is very much in line with the formal design of the mold 3D drawings. After receiving the customer's information, HKY Mold mold design engineers quickly developed the mold design work. And after the second day of receipt of the drawings, the mold drawings have been completed and sent to the customer.After a slight adjustment of one or two times during this period, a complete set of 3D molds was created, and the mold base,mold material and hot runner were started, finally enter the processing stage;The engineer began to send the planned mold processing schedule and report to the customer weekly。

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It took already 5 days for the previous process. Since the mold base is purchased from the LKM designated by the customer, the time given by LKM is one week, and the purchase of the mold material takes three days. The 2344 mold steel needs to be quenched. Processing is expected to take two days to three days. The remaining 23 days are CNC machining, precision grinding machine processing, EDM machining, slow wire processing assembly, and the time of the surface of the mold. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the mold, HKY's mold steel procurement for each project will use the hardness to measure the hardness. CNC machining of the mold, electrode, and EDM processing will use CMM measurement, which makes the entire manufacturing process more Guarantee, the accuracy of the data has been ensured.

After everyone's unremitting efforts, by the 31st day, the mold had been assembled in the morning. The project engineer had already given the mold to the injection mold test engineer, and just tried the T1 sample to the customer. The whole process was very smooth , and several shots were produced. CMM measurements, each size is within the tolerance range, everyone laughed at the moment the data came out. The whole manufacturing process is boring. I think that only when we can deliver the samples that our efforts have successfully completed to the customers, everyone's heart is full of sense of accomplishment and happy. In the afternoon, our shipping sent the samples to customers via FedEx. The samples received by the customer and they are highly appreciated by HKY Mold's technical strength, serious and responsible attitude,and integrity. It indicates that the cooperation will continue in the future cooperation.
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