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HKY Mold and North American well-known Injection mold company

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HKY Mold and North American well-known Injection mold company
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I always believe that the development of physical manufacturing must take a certain amount of time, accumulate and precipitate. Step by step, grow slowly and grow. HKY Mould has come all the way. Although it is hard, it has gained something. It is not so much that our harvest is more and more strong. It is better to say that we have been recognized and supported by more and more customers. This is ours. I am so pleased and proud. To this end, we must work harder to serve every customer.

I think, we need gratitude, gratitude make us awe, awe let us pay hard. Here I would like to thank ICO for their continuously support these years. Since 2011, we have cooperated with each other on hundreds of projects, more than 1,000 sets of molds. Although there were unpleasant occasions, most of the time we overcome every technical problem and difficulties for our customers  all over the world, provide excllent service, made our customers happy and satisfied. Step by step, HKY Mould team is becoming stronger and more effecient. 
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ICO is headquartered in North America, but all supply chains are in China. They involve a wide range of mold types and industries, including experimental molds, simple molds, precision export molds, silicone rubber molds, etc., as long as they are plastic parts, no matter which industry. The almost comers are not rejected, and fast is their commitment to all customers. In the past few years, we have been the closest partner and the largest mold supplier. Under the efforts of everyone, they became well-known mold manufacturers in North America. They were acquired by a large-scale fast mold group in the United States in 2018. After that, our cooperation began to have some minor problems.

 HKY Mould is constantly developing, constantly upgrading equipment, improving its own strength, and striving to provide customers with better quality molds and plastic products, which is obvious in the results we hand over to our customers. Mold price, quality, and manufacturing cycle are all key factors in selecting suppliers. After being acquired, they are particularly sensitive. They are constantly compressing costs. No matter what factors change, they should always earn a lot of money, and even want to earn more. All risks and pressures are passed on to suppliers, which is the abomination and darkness of trading companies. Today's HKY Mould is not the same as HKY Mould on the day. We have dared to tell NO to our customers. We know that if we want to better serve our customers, we must remove the middlemen and give them real customers. Price, true and honest service. HKY Mold and North American well-known injection mold company 1
In the past, we may have barriers to information and language barriers, but now it is obviously not a problem. We have established cooperation with customers in Canada, North America, South Korea, Singapore and other countries and regions, including professional plastic mold companies. Injection Moulding companies, there are also companies or startups that make products. Cooperation with foreign customers is already well-versed, and we can provide a range of guarantees to ensure that our customers are always aware of our mold manufacturing status. (> ERP to understand the mold progress inquiry page and enter the account number and password we gave you.) 

No matter the project is big or small, mutual trust is the basis for cooperation, and it is also the guarantee of long-term cooperation. We cherish every co-work chance, always provide the most cost-effective mold and plastic products. It is firmly believed that HKY Mould has a future. That must be the affirmation and support of every customer as always.  HKY Mould is always on the way to serve our customers better and better. 

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